An ancient or futuristic location

You can choose between historical buildings, structures surrounded by nature or futuristic locations.

At Forte di Bard, an ancient fortress which was chosen to film some scenes of 'The Avengers - Age of Ultron', you can find various spots to celebrate both the wedding itself or the wedding reception, both indoor and outdoor: the lawn of the stable, Piazza d'Armi, the church and the indoor halls, the restaurant. To add a little bit of emotions, you can overnight in one of the bedrooms, some of which have frescoes or canopy beds, or possibly choose one of the hotels that lie nearby, perhaps with a spa. 

Location provided by the Valdôtain castles are equally suggestive: the shelves' hall in the castle of Avise, the castle of Introd and its park, the castle of Verrès and the Baron Gamba castle and its park with a strong natural connotation.

Some completely different settings are those which are offered by the eighth wonder of the world: Skyway Monte Bianco, the futuristic cablecar that arrives at 3,466 metres.

And for those who prefer the 'Queen of the Snows' style, some stunning backgrounds can be provided by the Pila ski resort.

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