Experiences from Aosta Valley life

An event organized in Aosta Valley will be remembered mainly for its original context, the experience of the operators, and the culture and traditions that are still alive and very deeply-rooted. All elements that contribute to making incentive trips or conventions an experience full of excitement, to be remembered warmly.

Aosta Valley Castello Gamba


The Aosta Valley is the place where spectacular nature offsets a cultural heritage that may be said to be unique only to the Alps.

A roman bridge, a Romanesque bell tower, or a medieval castle: it is not rare to come upon one of these symbolic and strongly identifying treasures, all elements of this territory. In the first century B.C. the Roman founded the city of Augusta Praetoria, the current Aosta: since then, Aosta Valley has been an obligatory passage towards the Alpine valley.

In the Middle Ages, castles, towers and fortified houses rose to dominate the valleys. Many were royal residences, and after careful restorations, today they are open to the public all year, to accommodate conventions, exclusive visits, snacks and dinners. In particular, the imposing Forte di Bard dominates the narrow entry to the Aosta Valley; today it is considered a cultural site of the region, frequently housing exhibits, conventions, seminaries, concerts, and cinematographic presentations and productions, such as, recently, the famous film 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'.

The tradition of the Aosta Valley has many surprises to offer: handicrafts, popular music, historic carnivals, and traditional festivities.

To see:

  • Roman Aosta
  • Forte di Bard
  • The castles of the Aosta Valley
  • The traditional alpine villages
  • The traditional Desarpa, Bataille des Reines, and other events
  • The Fair of Sant'Orso and local crafts
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Nature and sports

Nature and sports

Aosta Valley offers the ideal atmosphere for incentive trips in contact with nature. The wealth of the natural atmosphere, the grandeur of the highest peaks in Europe, and the presence of dedicated infrastructures and expert professionals, blend to create travel programs and team building adapted to all, from athletes to sedentary people, personalized for you based on the goal of your business.

Aosta Valley is the realm of peaks over 4,000 m of altitude and is the top destination for mountain sports: fans of winter sports have 28 ski stations and 1,200 km of trails between downhill and cross-country skiing.

In summer, a network of 4,500 km of paths for trekking and excursions links 13 different valleys, with trails at high altitude, among Alpine lakes, pastures, and majestic glaciers.

For fans of nature and calmer rhythms, trails for all levels crossing two natural parks (Gran Paradiso and Mont Avic), natural reservoirs, and botanical gardens are all part of the discovery of a perfectly preserved natural heritage.

There are more than 500 km of routes for mountain biking and four bike parking areas used by the lift systems of Pila, Cervinia, La Thuile, and Monterosa Ski.

Alpine streams and the river Dora host aquatic sports such as rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, and sport fishing.

To try:

  • Freeride on Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc
  • Ice cascades in Valle d'Cogne
  • Summer skiing in the shadow of Matterhorn
  • Rafting in the Dora Baltea, hydrospeed in Cogne, and canyoning in the Chalamy stream
  • Mountaineering: ascend to the peaks higher than 4,000 m altitude
  • Trekking on the routes of Alte Vie
  • Downhill to Pila, Cervinia, and La Thuile
  • Wildlife watching in Gran Paradiso National Park
  • Golf in view of Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.
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Wellness in Aosta Valley


Knowing how to enjoy moments of relaxation and wellness is fundamental for professionals always busy and subject to pressure and stress. Relaxation encourages the creativity that is the source of innovation. During a convention or incentive travel, you may also begin or end the day by caring for your own body and mind, releasing new energies and new ideas.

In the Aosta Valley wellness acquires an unmistakable Alpine connotation. The open and restful scenes and purest air of the high altitudes are already an invitation to rest and wellness of body and mind. To all this are added the curative waters that have allowed the creation of the two thermal sites of Pré-Saint-Didier and Saint-Vincent, where it is possible to relax, even in the depths in winter and in the open air, in view of Mont Blanc and between the snowy peaks.

There are also many hotels with wellness sites that offer specific services dedicated to the wellness of its customers.

To try:

  • Pré-Saint-Didier thermal spa
  • Saint -Vincent thermal spa
  • Hotels with wellness centers
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The typical products of the Aosta Valley tell the history of an alpine territory and its identity. A story of unique flavors, one-of-a-kind fruit of a particular altitude, the quality of the ingredients, and ancient techniques of production.

Some of the products are internationally renowned, such as Fontina DOP which constitutes the uniqueness of Aosta Valley and Lard d' Arnad DOP. Other DOP products such as the Jambon de Bosses or the Fromadzo are less well-known, but this makes them even more interesting to discover. To promote and protect these products, the Saveurs du Val d'Aoste quality brand was created, which guarantees the quality and origin and distinguishes the shops and restaurants connected with the territorial tradition.

Aosta Valley can also boast an enological tradition that has now become important: the passion of the local winegrowers, which led them to cultivate the wines on impervious peaks beyond 1,000 meters altitude, has generated excellence such as the Blanc de Morgex, the Donnas, or the Torrette.

To taste

  • Lard d'Arnad, alpine Fontina and the other DOP products
  • The Seupa à la Vapelenentse and other local recipes
  • The typical dishes at the Saveurs du Val d'Aoste restaurants
  • The wines of the highest vineyards in Europe in Morgex and La Salle
  • The star restaurants of the Aosta Valley
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