Les Tisserands

Scarves, shawls, blankets, carpets, curtains, clothing, handbags, hats, and many more accessories are the fruit of a great deal of knowledge and skill handed down over the years.

These are the characteristics that make Les Tisserands, a brand that aims to meet the needs of people looking for transparency and traceability in the production process, people who hold dear the principles of authenticity, fairness and sustainability, and people who pay attention to what lies behind a handmade piece - to its emotional value.

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The “prêt-à-porter montagnard” that is engaged in enhancing and promoting local workmanship and traditional raw materials. Valgrisa's company philosophy is based on a constant search for a design that can reinterpret traditional garments in a modern style. Products that are timeless classics, imbued with a charm that never goes out of fashion.

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Dzoyé: Le Socques (the clogs) of Chicco Margaroli

Thanks to Chicco Margaroli, clogs are being transformed from old footwear of the peasant tradition into real works of art that you can wear; singular pieces that bear the artist's very recognisable signature and that are undoubtedly the perfect accessory to make your wedding distinctive and lively.

Dzoyé means 'to play' in patois, the old Franco-Provençal still spoken in the Aosta Valley, and it is an innovation that has managed to turn the concept of traditional footwear on its head and even conquer the hearts of film and stage characters.

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