Aosta and outskirts

In the heart of Aosta Valley between Roman ruins and alpine tradition

The basin of Aosta is in the heart of the region, set among snowy peaks and punctuated with characteristic villages scattered around the main center. Aosta is a true treasury of history and art: valuable testimonies of the Roman era blend with medieval treasures and examples of traditional Alpine architecture.

From the valley bed, the ski resort of Pila and other high-altitude villages can be reached quickly, and offer splendid panoramas on the surrounding peaks. Aosta is the ideal point of departure to visit the entire region to arrange interesting daily excursions in France and Switzerland. From Aosta, the SS27 leads to the opening and hills of the Great Saint Bernard that join Italy and Switzerland, crossing an area that constitutes a treasure of nature and tradition to explore.

Only here

  • Roman Aosta: the wealth of well-preserved Roman ruins makes Aosta unique among Alpine cities and constitutes an unmissable goal for those who are in the Aosta Valley. A guided visit to a museum, or through the city streets, completes and enriches the program of a convention or a conference.
  • Vineyard tour: the sunny slopes of the basin of Aosta are covered with vineyards that decorate the landscape and lend themselves to excursions and tastings of regional dishes and wine at the many wine cellars.
  • Cableway from the heart of the city to ski slopes in 17 minutes.
  • The thousand-year-old Sant'Orso Fair in summer (August) and the most famous version in winter (30-31 January).
  • Astronomical observatory of Saint-Barthélemy.


Below is the list of the facilities available in the area.

Venue for conventions and events
Venues Total halls Total seats Max halls in 1 venue Max seats in 1 hall
35 64 5599 7 480
3 stars 4 stars 5 stars Total amount
Hotels 35 4 0 39
Rooms 887 163 0 1050
Venues for conventions and events
Venue name Location Category Hall number Main hall seats
Albergo Italia Saint-Rhémy en Bosses 1 30
Auditorium del Comune di Nus Nus 1 361
Biblioteca Regionale Bruno Salvadori Aosta 1 78
Castello dei Signori di Avise Avise 1 80
Castello Reale di Sarre Sarre 1 112
Castello Sarriod de la Tour Saint-Pierre 1 82
Centro polifunzionale Grand-Place Pollein 2 215
Cittadella dei Giovani Aosta 7 300
Comtes de Challant Fénis 3 200
Des Alpes Hotel Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses 3 80
Duca D'Aosta Modern Retro Hotel Aosta 1 100
Etoile du Nord Hotel Sarre 1 140
HB Aosta Hotel Aosta 1 40
Hostellerie du Cheval Blanc Hotel Aosta 4 300
Hotel Beau Sejour Etroubles 1 30
Hotel de la Ville - Comune di Aosta Aosta 2 60
Hotel Express Aosta East Pollein 2 90
La Meridiana Hotel Saint-Pierre 2 60
Le Coffret Saint-Marcel 2 20
Les Crêtes Aymavilles 1 100
Les plaisirs d'antan Jovençan 1 65
Megalithic area of Aosta - archaeological museum and park Aosta 1 40
Milleluci Hotel Aosta 1 100
Notre Maison Hotel Saint-Pierre 2 100
OMAMA Hotel Aosta 2 120
Pépinère d'Entreprises Espace Aosta Aosta 4 80
Sala eptagono - Maison Gargantua Gressan 1 40
Sala Maria Ida Viglino - Palazzo Regionale Aosta 2 180
Sala Polivalente Croux Saint-Christophe 1 50
Sala polivalente di Gressan Gressan 1 267
Sala Polivalente of the town hall of Pollein Pollein 1 40
Sharenergy - Ecoworking Quart 5 100
Teatro Regionale Splendor Aosta 1 480
Théâtre de la Ville Aosta 1 272
Village Hotel Quart 2 35

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