32 max seats 1 hall

Villaggio dei Minatori

Villaggio Minatori, 11012 Cogne Altitudine: 1544m
Convention centre Convention centre
Seating types:
O-shape U-shape


The Villaggio Minatori of Cogne was once the lower valley's point of reference for the mining complex of Cogne. It accommodated the dormitory of the miners, some offices and the mine refectory; currently it is the center of Fondation Gran Paradiso and houses the visitor's center of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the 'Centro espositivo del Parco Minerario della Valle d'Aosta e della Miniera di Cogne', a hostel and a cafeteria. In the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park, Cogne is characterized by hospitality and care for the values of authenticity, sustainability and quality in addition to a rich offering of nature, culture and sports.


Hall number: 1
Max seats in the largest hall: 32
Parking places: 60

Hall Esperienze


length: 13,5 m
Width: 5,5 m
Height: 3,2 m
Surface: 74,3 sq.m.
Darkened room: Yes
Natural light: Yes
Total seats: 32

Seating type

Theatre: -
Classroom: -
O-shape: 32
U-shape: 32
Cabaret: -
Banquet: -