6 rooms 20 max seats 1 hall

Confrérie du Moyen Âge

Località Grand Villa, 11020 Verrayes Altitudine: 1412m
Hotel Hotel
Seating types:


The Confrérie du Moyen Âge, after several years of restoration, recreates the authentic medevial mountain architecture. Each room has its own soul, an intimate ambience, where every little detail is important: the ceilings have been made with old woods and visible beams and the floors have been handmade using conifer planks; the walls are lime plastered or in wooden panelling, windows have iron gratings and medieval stained glass diamonds texture.
Every piece of furniture, paintings, sculptures and ornaments are original and antique. Living outside of time, as in a fairytale.

La Confrérie du Moyen-Age
Loc. Grand Villa
Ph. +39 01 65 18 45 500 - +39 33 37 99 86 83


Hall number: 1
Max seats in the largest hall: 20
Parking places: 6

Hotel services

Hotel stars: -
Total rooms: 6
Singles: -
Doubles: 6
Suites: -
Disableds: -

Hall 1


length: 6,4 m
Width: 5,5 m
Height: 3,2 m
Surface: 31,0 sq.m.
Darkened room: Yes
Natural light: Yes
Total seats: 20

Seating type

Theatre: 20
Classroom: -
O-shape: -
U-shape: -
Cabaret: -
Banquet: -

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