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Centro Visitatori Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso

Località Chanavey 28, 11010 Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Altitudine: 1725m
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The conference room is near the visitors' center of the Gran Paradiso National Park of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame tells the fascinating history of the gipeto (Gypaetus or bearded vulture), the largest European vulture, returned to fly in the skies of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The visit covers, chronologically, all the stages of this history: the dramatic extinction, the small steps towards the emotional return and the expected happy ending: the  now stable presence of this special predator in skies of the Park.

Centro Visitatori Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso
Località Chanavey, 28
Ph. +39 01 65 75 301


Hall number: 1
Max seats in the largest hall: 55
Parking places: 0

Hall Proiezioni


length: 9,5 m
Width: 4,7 m
Height: 3,4 m
Surface: 44,7 sq.m.
Darkened room: Yes
Natural light: No
Total seats: 55

Seating type

Theatre: 55
Classroom: -
O-shape: -
U-shape: -
Cabaret: -
Banquet: -