33 rooms 45 max seats 1 hall

Auberge de la Maison

Via Passerin d'Entreves 16/a, 11013 Courmayeur Altitudine: 1224m
Hotel Hotel
Seating types:
Theatre Classroom O-shape U-shape Banquet


In the heart of Entrèves, one of the most characteristic hamlets of Courmayeur, l'Auberge de la Maison is an historical home made of wood and stone that owns a restaurant and a SPA. Here one can breathe the charming Alpine traditions: welcoming couches around a crackling fireplace, the smell of aged wood, vintage prints lying on the walls, art collections owned by the family, all this give Auberge de La Maison a special charm, which can evoque the warmth of Alpine homes. Here, the tradition of welcoming, the beauty of the landscapes, the care and quality of details, as well as the sharing of traditions and rare collections, make this spot the perfect Alpine home. At 1,300 metres of high.

Auberge de La Maison
Via Passerin d'Entrèves, 16/A - Loc.Entrèves
Ph. +39 01 65 86 98 11


Hall number: 1
Max seats in the largest hall: 45
Parking places: 56

Hotel services

Hotel stars: 4
Total rooms: 33
Singles: -
Doubles: 32
Suites: 1
Disableds: 2

Hall 1


length: 9,0 m
Width: 7,5 m
Height: 2,4 m
Surface: 60,0 sq.m.
Darkened room: Yes
Natural light: Yes
Total seats: 45

Seating type

Theatre: 45
Classroom: 30
O-shape: 25
U-shape: 30
Cabaret: -
Banquet: 45