31 rooms 40 max seats 1 hall

Au Cœur des Neiges Chalet Resort

Strada Statale 26 2/b, 11013 Courmayeur Altitudine: 1224m
Hotel Hotel
Seating types:
Theatre Classroom O-shape U-shape Cabaret Banquet


The resort is found in the splendid setting of Courmayeur. As in an old mountain village among larch and firs, the structure is a true triumph of stone, ancient wood and wrought iron. The addition of elegant fabric makes the rooms even more pleasant and warm. It offers the following services:

The Resort is only a 5 minute walk from the pedestrian center and 300 meters from the Plan Checrouit lift system.

Au Cœur des Neiges Chalet Resort
Strada Statale 26, 2/B
Ph. +39 01 65 84 35 14


Hall number: 1
Max seats in the largest hall: 40
Parking places: 70

Hotel services

Hotel stars: 4
Total rooms: 31
Singles: -
Doubles: 28
Suites: 3
Disableds: 2

Hall Mont Blanc


length: 10,0 m
Width: 6,0 m
Height: 2,8 m
Surface: 60,0 sq.m.
Darkened room: Yes
Natural light: No
Total seats: 40

Seating type

Theatre: 30
Classroom: 20
O-shape: 16
U-shape: 16
Cabaret: 30
Banquet: 40