Fort Bard

A view of the grandeur of Fort Bard

Fort Bard is today one of the main cultural hubs of the entire Aosta Valley. It offers rooms for conventions and several display areas where important events and exhibits take place periodically. It also houses the Museum of the Alps, which tells the history of the mountain and people who inhabit it, and has a small, very exclusive hotel.

For the special atmosphere felt within its walls, its excellent state of conservation, the panorama it offers, Fort Bard is a center often used for convention and incentive trips and also was recently the cinematographic set for The Avengers.

In addition to the many cultural goals, castles and Roman ruins, the area offers alpine environments of great beauty, such as the Champorcher Valley and Mont Avic Natural Park.

Only here

  • Exhibits and events at Fort Bard: the Fort is a real artistic and cultural hub, where at every moment you will find exhibits, exposures, and events and the opportunity to arrange conventions, exclusive tours, and dinners.
  • Mont Avic Natural Park: a still relatively little-known oasis of protected nature, for the discovery of flora, fauna, and geology.
  • The vineyards of Donnas and Lardo di Arnad: products of the enogastronomic excellence of the valley are born here, among the vineyards and wide pastures.
  • Canyoning: the Chalamy stream is the realm of canyoning, with its gorges and cliffs that lend themselves to both the most technical routes and routes for beginners to this discipline. The atmosphere and force of nature offer stimulus for incentive programs and team building.

Events and conferences

Below is the list of the facilities available in the area.

Venue for conventions and events
Venues Total halls Total seats Max halls in 1 venue Max seats in 1 hall
12 29 2378 12 420
3 stars 4 stars 5 stars Total amount
Hotels 17 5 1 23
Rooms 381 251 75 707
Venues for conventions and events
Venue name Location Category Hall number Main hall seats
Ad Gallias Hotel Bard 1 30
Centro direzionale Follioley (Area Cape) Issogne 12 130
Château d'Issogne Issogne 1 40
Château de Verres Verrès 1 100
Forte di Bard Bard 3 132
Le Murasse Verrès 2 80
Maison du Boulodrome Pont-Saint-Martin 2 420
Palazzetto dello Sport Pont-Saint-Martin 2 400
Pepinière d'Entreprises Pont-Saint-Martin Pont-Saint-Martin 2 50
Salone Bec Renon Donnas 1 280
Salone Bonomi Verrès 1 82
Salone Polifunzionale Donnas 1 125

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